Centuries ago, in medieval times, a man would be given and "wear a lady's colors" either a ribbon or flower on his left arm before battle or a joust. This was considered the epitome of chivalry since it signified that he was fighting specifically for her. Today, men wear a boutonniere of a flower from the bride's bouquet on their left side, just above the heart.   

"Wear your heart on your sleeve"

Consider This...

  • A boutonniere is usually one large bloom or a group of smaller blooms from the bride's bouquet

  • Usually, the groom's boutonniere is larger than the groomsmen's

  • The boutonniere is the only floral element for the groom so make it special

Don't Forget the Corsage!

  • A corsage is for women who are special to the wedding party

    • Mother's, Mother-In-Laws, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Hostesses, and other attendants

  • Will usually contain similar flowers but with more ribbon and feminine touches

    • Can also be represented by a wristlet