Prom Corsages


Consider This...

  • Some flowers hold up better than others. You might have your heart set on a particular variety but it might not last as long as you will at prom!

  • For an especially eye catching corsage, opt for a bracelet instead of the elastic band - better looking and more comfortable

  • Contrasting colors provide for more eye-catching photos

  • After prom, consider snipping off the flowers and saving the rest as a keepsake!

  • Your actual dress or a picture of the dress for better color matching

  • Search through our prom corsage gallery or bring in your own corsage inspirations

Bring With You...

Making it Unique

We have the accessories to make your prom corsage as your dress. We have an entire selection of bling and glitz, glitter and glam, and feathers and flowers to customize your corsage to fit your unique style!