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Heart Cookies



Valentines exclusively for your mini Valentines! 

Our school specials are available for one special day for those Valentines of yours that spend part of their day at school. Show them you're thinking about them by having Brickhouse Flowers deliver a special Valentine, just for them! Valentine school specials include one mylar Valentine-themed balloon and delivery to either McCook Central or St. Mary's.  

Want to spread the love a little more? Consider sponsoring a classroom! 

Every order, however big or small - always supports a small business!

Chocolate Vanilla Whoopie Pie.png

Whoopie Pie

Locally made for Valentine's Day only. These are basically cake sandwiches filled with yummy goodness. 

2023 Flavors: OG Chocolate, 

PBC - Chocolate with Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet!

Image by Behnam Norouzi

Candy Bar

We've got a great lineup of the most requested full size candy bars to satisfy just about any sweet tooth!

Available: Reese's PB Cup, KitKat, Snickers, Skittles, M&M's, Peanut M&M's, Starburst, and Twix!

Image by Larissa Uemura

Brownie Bites

A personal favorite and only herefor Valentine's Day - Brownie Bites! Perfectly chocolatey and gooey - these brownie bites are decorated with Ghirardelli chocolate and Valentine sprinkles. One is not enough - so we'll give you 3 per order ;)

Brownies & Mylar: $8

Candy Bar & Mylar: $7

Whoopie Pie & Mylar:$10

Image by Annie Spratt

Single Stemmed Rose

If your Valentine doesn't flip for treats, keep it traditional with a single rose stem wrapped with greenery and filler. 

Popcorn Ball.png

Mini Popcorn Ball

Brand new for 2023! These mini popcorn balls are straight from Poppy's Popcorn in Sioux Falls and will arrive just in time for Valentine's Day. Great option if you want the salty with the sweet!

Image by Assem Gniyat

Single Stemmed Carnation

Looking for a long-lasting Valentine gift? Then a single carnation wrapped with greenery and filler is perfect.

Rose & Mylar: $13

Popcorn Ball & Mylar: $8

Carnation & Mylar: $10

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