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Image by Laura Ockel


Want to really know the way to your Valentine's heart? 

- For me, anyway, I LOVE a good snack. 

We've got tons of options for sweet treats for your sweetheart. There's bound to be something they'll love to indulge on - of course while gazing at their beautiful Brickhouse Flowers floral arrangement that you can feel good about supporting a small local business ;) 



Gourmet Jumbo Filled Cupcake

A Valentine's Day classic - the cupcake. We've got 4 flavors to choose from but you can't go wrong with any of them:

Chocolate: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Lava Filling, and Chocolate Frosting

Oreo: Chocolate Cake, Cookie Center, Cookies & Cream Frosting

Strawberry: Strawberry Cake, Cream Cheese Filling, Buttercream Frosting

Lemon: Lemon Cake, Lemon Curd Filling, Buttercream Frosting



Not your everyday crispy rice treat. These are bigger and thicker and beyond the traditional version you've had. We've got 8 flavors to pick from so there should be something for everyone!

Cookies & Cream, M&M, S'mores, Chocolate Brownie, Nerds, Fruity Pebbles, Worms in Dirt, and Plain Jane.

Cookies and Cream.png
Freeze Dried Skittles.png


Freeze Dried Candy

The newest way to consume your favorite sweets.... Freeze Dried! The traditional favorites have been freeze dried to amp up the texture and the flavor. 

Available for 2024: Skittles, Sour Worms, Peach Rings, and Nerd Clusters!

Image by Alena Ganzhela



These little guys are simply perfection - perfectly chocolatey, perfectly gooey, and perfect for the sweet tooth! Decorated with Ghirardelli chocolate and a little touch of Valentine's Day, they're so good - one isn't enough. So we're giving you three per order ;)



These are fantastic. It starts with a cracker, then gets a scrumptious layer of toffee, and finally is topped with the best part - the chocolate. It's a salty sweet treat that you can't stop eating. It's (legally) addicting!

Legally Addictive Toffee O.G. Salty sweet cracker cookie chocolate
Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Seasoning cocktail mix original diablo



Wanting to end the day with a cocktail? Why not a Bloody Mary? It's my favorite and this seasoning is just the ticket to make that boring tomato juice sing a little! Each canister makes plenty of drinks and is available in Devil Dave's Original or the spicy Diablo seasoning!

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