Being a florist has many perks but the best one is designing flowers for weddings.

- We love meeting with future brides.

They are so excited about their big day and you can't help but get excited right along with them.

- We get to have an entire conversation about our favorite things: flowers.

Imagine having strangers (who become more like friends) coming to talk about your passion - it's fantastic

- Each bride that comes in, is unique.

This allows us to get creative and work with new color schemes, different ideas, and interesting flower combinations beyond our everday floral arrangements.

- Playing a small part in a person's most memorable and best day.

A person's wedding is a day they will remember forever. It will be immortalized in photos, in the memories of guests, and the hearts of one another. Regardless of the size of roll we play - getting to participate at all in this special day: Priceless. 

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